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Hi, this is my version of the number wizard. I played with unity ui elements to rebuild a console for the user input. It’s based on a tutorial i’ve found. I extended the console with an adapted version of the nw-game Logic. I’d love to get feedback :).


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Hi Susanna,

Great effort and changing the nature of the console behaviour, well done.

Some feedback as requested;

  • the cursor isn’t focused to the console input area, so after each command and enter being pressed the user has to click back into this area
  • if you get a bit of text into the display area and then scroll to the top, entering a new command into the input area doesn’t auto-scroll the page back to the bottom, the behaviour you would expect, as such, it doesn’t look like what you typed did anything
  • using some addition carriage returns would help break the output up a little bit and make it more readable, perhaps after each block of output for a specific command etc
  • I found it quite hard to actually start the game to play it, because of the above, the wall of text etc, difficult to read the arguments that need to be specified to actually play
  • when I did work it out, the text was in German, this was an interesting twist, but the rest of the interactions up to that point had been in English, this made it a bit challenging to go any further - perhaps you could add an option to set the language to either English or German.

I didn’t get further than the above I’m afraid, so I don’t have any further feedback for the actual game itself, I hope the above is of use though :slight_smile:

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