UI Button not clickable?

[Unity 2D Complete course Quiz Master ep.11 “Swapping Sprites”]

My issue: "Can’t click any UI button, button not interacting to my clicks"

For anyone having an issue like this, check the following points

  • EventSystem exists hierarchy? (sometimes you might need to delete it and add a new one) (also if more than one exists, delete one of them you want only one EventSystem)
  • Button is child of the canvas
  • Canvas contains component “Graphic Raycaster”
  • If you have multiple canvases check for the “Sort Order” field in the “Canvas” component within your canvases inspector, the one with the highest “Sort Order” field value is always in the front. (e.g. in this course the PrevisualizationCanvas has a “Sort Order” field value of 100, and the QuizCanvas has 1, disabling the PrevisualizationCanvas as done in the course will allow for the QuizCanvas interactable elements to be accesible from the Unity Game tab in this case)

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