UGH.. Slow computer is slow

Okay, so my graphics card does not seem to support a powerful enough version of CUDA, so here are my CPU times (sad face) … just ouch. I need a new computer, it seems. lol!

CPU:Intel® Xeon® W3520 @ 2.67GHz
8x8 10:17.66
16x16 10:09.36
32x32 10:04.16
64x64 10:05.36 9:55.02
128x128 10:11.75
192x108 10:29.41

yeah, my times are pretty high too - i just have the have the intel graphics card - so it’s taking around 10 mins

Lol I’m using my GPU and your CPU is faster, so there’s that. My times were:

GPU - Tiles 1024 13:57
GPU - Tiles 512 - 13:41
GPU- Tiles 128 - 15:13

CPU - Tiles 64 15:20
CPU - Tiles 32 15:14

Womp womp. I’ll power through though.

Yiiiiikes!! We need new computers! Lol!

is that for the BMW? ouch :frowning: my gtx1080 is 1:20 seconds and CPU (8 core @64 block size) is 3:20. hug

the latest daily build for blender 2.8 allows GPU + CPU rendering so it cut my render time for just the GPU - 1:20 down to 39 seconds using both CPU and GPU with 32x32 tiles…

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