UE5 Standalone mode problem

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I am having a problem with UE5 and the standalone mode. When I click play the standalone crash and I get this error message:

Fatal error: [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\UnrealEngine.cpp] [Line: 14216] Couldn’t spawn player: Failed to spawn player controller

Any ideas?

Thanks in advace

Where is your player start?

Here is

Do you get the same issue if that is completely out of the way of anything so it’s definitely impossible for the spawned actor to be colliding with anything?

I think the player is not colliding with anything. But it’s hard to be 100% sure because this project level don’t works fine with UE5, it’s totally broken, take a look:

But in this lesson teacher say to use Standalone gameplay to avoid the error, if I do that, my UE5 totally crash. If I play in editor, I got this error. But later in other videos the teacher is playing and restarting the level inside the editor without any problem and there isn’t any extra info about this stuff.

I am trying my best with this project because the files provides by the teacher didn’t works fine with UE5.

What lesson? What course?

The lesson “Setting Timers In C++”, the course “Simple Shooter”, the reference video is “40_SS_EC5” and the “update” inside this video about the problem is from minute 10:00

Did you extract all 3 zips to the same location? I’ve tested Sam’s project with UE 5.0 and the only issue was with restarting the level as the level name is different within Play In Editor (PIE). The error mentioned in your OP is not the same.

Yes, I did… And I have this issue with restarting the level, and “as solution” for that the teacher said “play as standalone” but if I do that, I go the crash in mentioned on my OP… If I play into editor, then I got the following error:

Can you send your project? Use File > Zip Project and upload it somewhere.

Sure, You can get it from here:


Beware… 2,5 Gb :slight_smile:

  1. I seem to have no issue with playing your project as a Standalone Game.
  2. The assets you are missing are all in the Part2.zip
  3. Using File > Zip Project would have only zipped up needed files and is 1.9GB

When do yo get the crash? As soon as the game loads?

So, as far as I understand you… your project zip files aren’t a multipart zip archive and they are not all unpacked when unpack the first??? I need to unpack one by one? that’s correct?

Yes and no. They aren’t a multi part zip but you don’t have to extract one by one. Using 7zip you can select all 3 files and right click and use “extract here” as the files in the zip are within a folder “ShooterAssetPack”.

Thanks Dan, that was the solution, unpack the three files, the problem in my side was I don’t use to select the three files and extrack, when I see “part1, part2, part3” I use to think it is a multipart zip file and by default a multipart zip is totally extracted just selecting and extracting the first one.

Now after you tell me I extract the missing files and now the project is working fine and I haven’t the crash.

Thank you very much.

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