UE5 Mesh Boolean Tool instead of BSP

Just another alternate to the hole punching. For some reason the other UE5 methods didn’t work for me but this worked! Basically made a second SM shape that I wanted to use as a the hole. (cylinder) and put it through the floor.

At this point make sure you are in modeling mode !

Select Floor then Cylinder and used the Mesh Bool (mesh bool will be grayed out until you have two items selected.)

Turns it into a new Static Mesh. (so no need to convert!)

NOTE: you will have to replace it in the LEVEL blueprint because it is technically a new object.
(while in bp right click while its selected shown below)


Was thinking about how to do this myself but for some reason the meshbool thingy was greyed out, so what I ended up trying is using this poly cut tool, seems to have done the same thing without extra steps in the blueprint!

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