UE5 keeps freezing computer randomly

I have had this trouble where UE5 freezes my computer for a while and couldn’t find an anwser for why this is happening or how to fix it. I waited until the unreal 5.1 update but that didn’t fix it. When it freezes I can still hear any non game audio that is playing. I cannot move my mouse and keyboard inputs do nothing. This forces me to hold the power button. I have set UE5 to high priority in windows.
My system specs are:
RX 5700XT
32Gb of ram
2Tb Samsung 970 Evo Plus ssd
All cooled well.

1x 1440p display
2x 1080p display

Also I still run windows 10.

When looking at other forums people said system specs don’t seem to be the problem but That could be wrong. In one forum someone said it might be to do with higher resolution monitors but I’m not sure on that.
Does anyone know why this is happerning and mabe how to fix it? If you need more information then just ask.
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried contacting Epic about this?

I have now although I am not sure its the right place for it.

I can’t see that but it looks to be the right place.

Well it probebly wasn’t because it was deleted.

Might only be available to custom licensees. Have you also tried asking on the Unreal forums?

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Thank you, that would be the place.

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