UE5 - Can't select skeleton & transform stops updating upon click

Hi I was doing the Calculating Animation Speeds lecture in Simple Shooter and ran into some issues in UE5. I was hoping maybe someone found a solution or workaround for these.

When previewing an animation I cannot click into the preview window to select the skeleton of my character. I had to search in the skeleton tree to find the “ankle bone” or “foot_r”.

Also when trying to copy the global Y transform of my skeleton at a specific time, I would click on my global Y transform to copy the value. However, upon doing this the entire (bone) transform would stop updating its values, even when switching back to local. Kinda annoying as I would have to close that animation tab and open it back up.

Just seeing if this is a bug or if there is some sort of workaround and if anyone else has been running into this problem.

Edit: another issue I’ve been having is that when I change my Maximum Axis Values in my BS_Locomotion my animation locations in my grid don’t update like in the tutorial (10:40). The tutorial grid seems to scale with the Axis Value Changes, however mine seem to stay at the exact same values as before (see screenshot below). Is there a button I need to toggle? What has been your workaround?

^following this since I have the same issue

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