UE5 BSP Brushes

In ue5, BSP brushes are moved to create > place actor panel > Geometry
COuld you edit this video and show how to access this panel in ue5. Because many of us using ue5 not 4.

Hi There,
UE5 is an early access preview only and not a release. The videos may be updated later but not until the Editor is finalised and there will be no further changes to the UI. This may not happen for a while yet and while they mentioned sometime in 2022, it could be next week or 6 months away. The editor is also not considered production ready at this time and while although it’s pretty decent at the moment, you may experience crashes and loss of work.

When the editor is closer to release and the UI is finalised, you may see some changes but not before then. Also, the course material is not tested in UE5 and so some functionality may not work as expected.

I would recommend sticking with 4.27 at this time as the requirements are a lot lower too so performance is better (UE5 will also not be optimised at this time) and with new features such as lumen and nanite, unless you’ve managed to get a new RTX 30 series card you will get slower frame rates - I’ve tried this with my system which works just fine with v4 but struggles with UE5.

Thanks for reply. As a person who lived with gt210m for 10 years, I get myself a desktop with rtx 3070 :slight_smile: I use ue5 because lumen is dynamic not based on light baking. A lot of time when I was learning and focusing on level design and rendering, I faced many issues and no matter what I couldn’t solve and when I see the only solution was bake lightning I devastated many times. Lumen is very cool but also laggy as you mentioned.

Second reason, if I model an object for 10 hours I spend 2-3 hours to UV unwrap but I don’t want to remember those days again I was facing with overlapped UVs even though my UVs are not wrong. I completely unwrap from scratch import again bake light but no. I spent days to resolve a simple object’s UV. As you can guess, it is depressing. But thank god now with UE5 if I enable nanite, because nanite hasn’t got lightmaps I don’t face with UV problems. Better I don’t even touch to UVs anymore. I just overlapping with smart unwrap tool and leave at is it is. Epic games showcased nanite as perfect technology to use very detailed high poly meshes without minimum performance loss but for me this is better than that.

Anyway you are also right I got many errors and crashes even today I couldn’t delete a single actor that I created 1 minute ago. When I try to delete, it was crashing. But I appreciate nanite because of solved my UV problems and I don’t want to return ue4 again for that reason.

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It’s good reasons to use the editor, I have to admit. I never really had issues with this part of the course and if you have a decent PC, the light baking is pretty good, especially compared to Unity. I remember baking a scene in unity that took about 10 hours and it wasn’t even a great scene.

Anyway, hopefully there’ll be an update to the editor soon which will improve performance and stability.