UE4 VS Code Intellisense?

I have my workflow setup on my Windows PC and my MacOS Laptop. On my Mac, the VS Code intellisense works fine but my VS Code on my Windows PC keeps throwing random errors (red squiggly lines) like “expect a declaration”, “variable FString is not a type name”, “identifier ClearScreen() is not defined”

Windows PC’s VSCode doesn’t like it; Mac’s VSCode has no issues. Any advice???


Have you tried refreshing the VS Code project? In Unreal File > Refresh VS Code project

Yes I did. And I reinstalled Visual Studio Code and all its extensions as well.

I also figured out the issue, which is only prevalent on my Windows PC. It is the C/C++ Intellisense by Microsoft. I had to disable/uninstall it in order for it to work not show up some random errors, but the C/C++ Intellisense on my Mac works fine…

I also went into the detailed settings of the C++ Intellisense and made sure all the settings mimiced the setup i have on my MacOS and it still shows error on my Windows PC.

I am diving into c_cpp_properties.json file to see if i can find something…

Nothing I could find in c_cpp_properties… I am confident that the c_cpp_properties in combination with intellisense is causing issues on my PC.

You mean a separate extension to “C/C++”? Because you only need the one.