UE4 Crashes when it sets the server list

Hi I have set up mulitplayer in a personal project, I have added everything in the course apart from the krazy karts section. When I try to play single player, It throws an exception in SetServerList

When I comment out Menu->SetServerList on OnFindSessionsComplete it doesn’t throw the exception, so it’s calling on find sessions complete even though I am not going through the multiplayer menu. What is the reason for this and how can I fix it? Multiplayer works fine

Code will not be called unless you do or don’t realize something where it gets called. If code was to be called without it wanting to be called or whatever then computers would be non useful.

If you did not put it in a location that gets called or its not something that has calls by design then you need to look at it or use the debugger or logs and figure it out.

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