UE4 BP Course Updated to UE5


Is there any plan to update the course or at least make edits to certain sections that at least show how to get the BSP Brushes in UE5?

On the crystal cavern section of the course theres an entire chapter that’s just specific on BSP brushes that I can’t really follow.

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the community.
Try this

From the dropdown above this that shows Selection Mode, you can then select Brush Editing and this will let you edit the geometry. How you get there is different, but they work pretty much the same as UE4.



If you have the UE5 C++ course, the first section Warehouse Wreckage deals with blueprint and a UI overview. Doing this bit of the C++ course first will help before doing the UE4 blueprint course in UE5 because you’ll know where some of the features are now located.

Sadly, I don’t own that course. I purchased the general Blueprints bundle for UE5 but the standard beginner course doesn’t have any disclaimers regarding where to find equivalent resources in UE5 since it’s in UE4.
Thank you for this information!

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It is worth considering. It would be the next course I would recommend following on from this course, or the 2 other Blueprint game courses. There’s the FPS and Stealth courses, both also blueprint for UE5 and they may be in that bundle.

Saying that, this is a good course - I really liked section 2 and it translates fairly well to UE5 as well.

Have fun

Yup, when it comes to the blueprint code itself there are only a few changes between UE4 and UE5 (aside from additional nodes, which wouldn’t matter here). The UI at the moment is the largest category of changes, and with a little bit of looking at docs or assistance from us can be resolved.

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