UE4.21 gitignore *.VC.db files 2019


I am using the most updated version of UE4. When I try to stage the files I have problems with VC files even though I wrote *.VC.db in my getignore. At first it was just one file bigger than 10 mB which ended with VC.db-wal.

So I added this extention to my gitignore.
But although I didn’t have this error anymore, I couldn’t stage the files because of other VC files. So I’ve written " .VC. " in my gitignore and now I have no problem with staging the files.

My question is : Am I missing important files that could have .VC. in their names ? Or is it safe to do it this way ?

Thank you in advance


You can .gitignore everything in /.vs so just add */.vs to your .gitignore file.

The tutorial was made before the .vs folder was used and the *.VC.db files were in the top level of the project directory I think. (edit: the .vs folder was used earlier, it just didn’t put the *.VC.db files in it.)


Thank you. It’ll be much easier and more precise that way.

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