UE crash on adding component

I attempted to add the OpenDoor component to my new pawn_bp that I created yet for some reason everytime I try my engine ends up crashing, does anyone know why?

Why are you trying to add the open door component to the player pawn blueprint. That component goes on the door.
The grabber is what goes on the player.

Or am i misunderstanding?

@Marc_Carlyon Now I’m personally confused, however my issue is that I am unable to create a trigger event which opens the new door with my new pawn I have created rather than the default pawn

I haveily modified my version of building escape so picking apart my project a little here. (Fortunatly i kept my old pawn BP)
If i remember rightly at the stage your at its the actor that triggers the pressure plate to open the door.
I think the reason your default pawn is not working is because you missed turning on “Simulartion generates hit events” or Generate Overlap events is off (I forget which one it is or both :confused: ), This is under the collision component.

@Marc_Carlyon That didn’t work, if I get to the end and he hasn’t sorted out the issue with the new blueprint pawn I’ll just go back and watch the old videos

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I think the video where it might be creating an issue would be number 70 for reference.
Sorry it didnt help.
I still feel though the trigger volume isnt detecting your new pawn because of these reasons so i would double check the door with the open door component on it and it has the trigger volume set to it as well.

Good luck

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Funny enough, for some reason my door did not have the open door component and therefor was unable to react when I attempted to open the door recently. I don’t recall removing this so it must’ve been reverted when my engine crashed at one point. Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

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Always welcome :slight_smile:

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