UE 5 bug CreateExport: Failed to load Outer for resource

I’ve had this problem only with this project but it happened twice and to my friend following this couse too.

Starting the project at seemingly random intervals the c++ class seem to disappear and the blueprint based on those class lose all components.

In my case the solution was disabling live code, close the editor, close epic, with task manager under details stop UnrealTraceServer.exe delete the folder C:\Users<yourUser>\Appdata\local\Unreal Engine (appdata is a hidden folder) the going into visual studio code and rebuild the project from scratch.

Maybe the project files should be redone for UE5.

also just had this problem but I didn’t need to delete that folder, just the rebuild in VS Code worked. Terminal > run build task > Development Build

Just had this problem. The fix for me is because of the mistake i made when build the project from vs code using “Win64 Development Build”, the solution is using the correct one which is “Editor Win64 Development Build”.

It works for me, and I don’t need to delete any folders, just build using Editor one fix this problem.

Got this answer from unreal engine forum


God bless you, dear man, I would have kissed you on both cheeks with special passion. On the 2nd day, the project is standing because of this filth, and thanks to you, I will be able to continue working further. thank you

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