UE 5.2 BehaviorTree not found

Hello everyone.

I’m following the Unreal Engine 5 C++ course on udemy and I’m programming the AI part: BehaviorTree and BlackBoard.

I declared a UBehaviorTree inside my .h file, then I set it in the BP of the AIController class, but my project cannot find it!

.h file where I declared BehaviorTree:

	class UBehaviorTree* AIBehavior;

.cpp file BeginPlay:

void APokemonAIController::BeginPlay()
	if (AIBehavior != nullptr) {
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("AIBehavior not Empty!"));
	} else {
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("AIBehavior Empty!"));

BP AIController:

Pawn’s BP where the AIController is sets:

But my log always says that the AIBehavior is empty:

What is the name of your blueprint AI controller? You might have selected the C++ one (3rd screenshot) which doesn’t have that property set.

Hi Dan.
The name of my blueprint is BP_PokemonAIController. The AI controller that I selected in the 3rd screenshot is the main C++ class.
I tried to change the C++ class with my blueprint like you suggest, without any improvement.

BUT, I solved it: I don’t know why, but apparently (I think this is a bug) the blueprint class that I created from the C++ main class couldn’t save my AIBehaviorTree, so when I selected I saw the selection but the engine not recognized the selection, so it was empty.
I solve this problem by creating a new bp class from my C++ AI class and then reselected my BehaviorTree, now is correctly sets in UE and is working.

Thanks for the help anyway!!!

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