UE 4.16 UPhysicsHandleComponent

Hey everyone

I just wanted to mention that I run into a problem with the UPhysicsHandleComponent.
It is unknown to the compiler and I am currently using version 4.16 of the UE.
I solved the problem by including:
just in case anyone of you stumbles over the same issue.
Including Engine.h solves it as well but from what I’ve learned so far its not the best practice to Include this huge header.

I started looking into the source code of the Engine.h file and searched for “Physics” Keyword. Maybe that will work for more of those missing headers.

  • Luuke

Ah, sod it, I’ve just registered to say thank you, because this problem was driving me up the wall.

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I always try googling what the header file to include should be, but never get good results…
I wish the Unreal Documentation would include which files you need to include to use something…
Thanks for figuring this out though!

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