Udemy videos not rendering correctly

Hi, I am currently watching the Unreal Engine Developer Course and I am not able to view the videos correctly. Whenever the videos play, the videos go black and I can’t see anything, though I can hear the voice and the rest of the UI overlay displays correctly. I tried playing the videos on my office computer and it works just fine, so the issue stems from my system.

I first thought it might be my graphics card that might be acting up (I have a Radeon 6870) but I can play rest of the online videos(YouTube, vimeo etc) just fine and I can play HD videos and games also just fine. So I am not able to troubleshoot the problem. I also Google searched the issues but the one that come on GameDev all relate to stuttering, or some other playback issues. I got no luck in other places online. So if anyone finds a solution to this, please let me know. and thanks in advance…

regardless of your browser you should be able to clear the cached files this will probably fix your problem, also have you tried using a different browser?

here’s a link to google chrome on how to clear the cache:
also at the bottom you will see other browsers like Firefox internet explorer ect…Hope this sorts your problem out!

Hi Alan, thanks for replying… I will try to run them in other browsers and see if the problem crops up. I had tried to reset Chrome to the initial state but to no avail. I still face the issue… I am assuming that resetting the browser should clear the cache, right?

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