Udemy video playback problems

Anyone else having problems with Udemy videos? It started couple days ago and now the videos keep stopping every few seconds kind of like it’s buffering, but it happens even if I first wait for the video to load completely. Happens with different browsers also.


Watching one now. It’s perfectly fine.

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Hi @milzer, not sure whether it will help, but you may find some useful information here:

Definitely worth checking what your system may be doing also. I can also confirm it seems to be ok at this time (using Chrome myself).

Ah thanks, there was a thread about the issue already… just didn’t realize to check Forum issues section.

Clearing the browser cache seems to fix it for me at least for some hours.

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Great news! Glad the forum provided some helpful info @milzer :slight_smile:

Could you mark your post as [SOLVED], it may well help others that search for similar issues - thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue and I’ve already cleared the browser cache. I’ve also completely restarted the system, so I’m not sure how to proceed. Seems kind of pointless have the lessons if I can’t watch the videos :frowning:

Seemed to work much better after I lowered the video quality for some reason. Thank you for linking the troubleshooting thread!

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I cannot play most of the lessons I have, They simply spin and spin all day long today .

you can use a chrome extension for resolving this problem just download the repo and use “udemy_video_preloader” load with unpacked extension
clone the repo https://github.com/pratham4544/Udemy_Video_Preloader

refresh the udemy page
and vola it works

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