Udemy Game Components

Hi, I am taking the course: Become a Game Design Ninja at Udemy https://www.udemy.com/course/boardgames/learn/lecture/7621708#questions/11922790 this is the components that I choose for my grid Game:

Pieces: :chess_pawn: Figurines that represent a stereotypical ancient Greek citizen made of wood: Griegos Captura de pantalla 2020-07-30 a la(s) 16.02.40

Board: The board is made of cherry wood the grid is made by a carving. The grid is by made by a carving and the line is “highlighted” with white paint

Colors: Figurines are painted at detail as in the first image (one option is to add paint and brushes in the board game itself so you can customize them as you want in either case pieces could be 3D printed)

Dices :game_die:
As it’ s a Platonic theme I should use all the “platonic solids” as dices however as this stage of the game I would like to use only the regular cube dice.


Carlo I really love the components that you choose.

Great pieces! I love Greek mythology so this is right up my alley!

I love the board you described! Great idea!

That’s an amazing idea with the colors. I think it should be an option because not everyone would want to spend the time making their own pieces. But overall it’s an amazing and unique idea.

Sick idea with the Dices!

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