Udemy courses vs GameDev and migration - how / why?

I’m new but purchased some courses at Udemy this weekend along with some at GameDev and then realized courses exist both places… I’m a little confused. Could someone explain some, or all, of the following?

  1. I found a link to migrate from Udemy to GameDev but why would someone want to do that? Here’s the link: https://www.gamedev.tv/p/udemy-migrator

  2. If we migrate from Udemy to GameDev, does our course at Udemy get lost along with its progress? Migrate generally means go from one place to another, like a “move.” Is this a copy or a move? In other words, would we no longer be able to access our course at Udemy or, instead, would we be able to access the course at both websites?

  3. Going forward, should we purchase at Udemy or GameDev? What is the pro / con of buying one place versus the other?

Thanks in advance.


Answering my own question in case others have similar questions.

Lucy, at GameDev, made it clear that the “migrate” leaves you with two copies (one copy at each website). They have more poetic license for adding features at GameDev so your user experience might be better, or at least more custom, at GameDev. Generally speaking, they try their best to make courses at both places the same so it some sense, it doesn’t really matter.


Hi arosenzweig!

I’m pretty new here myself, but I can tell you how Udemy migration has helped me personally.

  1. Sometimes when I’m at work, I have some down-time and I can watch a quick tutorial video. Our computer network won’t let me go to any game related pages, but I can go to Udemy and watch there.

  2. GameDev.tv courses and Udemy courses go on sale at different times and for varying amounts. Just this morning, GameDev has some KILLER sales and I just got two new RPG classes for about $20 total…but I saw the multiplayer class on Udemy for a great price and got that, too. Now I have to cross-port the classes, but the process is pretty simple.

  3. In my experience taking the classes, it appears to be two separate copies and watching a video on Udemy DOES NOT tick the same video on the GameDev.tv site. So, it’s like you can take the course twice if you want, or you can manually tick the classes if you want to do that, too. What’s more important is the material and the challenges and the assignments. It doesn’t really matter where you tick the boxes as long as you’re building games.

  4. I personally like having the access in two different spots because I usually need to go back and rewatch old videos. This helps give me a way of keeping course structure for ‘main progress’ and also another course structure that I can highlight things that I need to review later.

Just a few things I use it for. I’m sure others have some good ideas, too. I really like the Udemy migration!

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Hiii if i buy the course from gamedev, and the same course in udemy but the differnce is in udemy have a subtitle in arabic (which is my native language) can i get the subtitle that in udemy if i buy the course in geamedev and migrate it to udemy?

Hi, you cannot migrate to Udemy. This is a one-way process, from Udemy to GameDev. This is because you cannot be added for free to Udemy. On the other hand, GameDev TV have full control over the website here so they can add you for free to the courses here which is why migration is allowed.

I hope this answers your question.

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Yes, Thank you for your response

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