Udemy Affiliate?

@Lucy_Becker / @ben

The following URL was reported to myself by a member of the community, Andrew Nicholls, concerned that it may be dodgy;

All of the links to the social media sites and the About Us pages don’t take you to anywhere other than the page itself.

It could just be an affiliate/reseller but thought I would bring it to your attention, no-where else other than here I am afraid.

The Enroll link does take you to Udemy and does include the PMTag and SiteID;

siteID : EvuWeir80

Not the most illiterate in any case;


Whois information is protected, so not a lot of use;


Thanks Rob, Andrew contacted me about this as well - I got as far as seeing it re-directed to Udemy sales page and assumed it was an affiliate.

I’ll double check with Udemy :slight_smile:

Are you able to specify the amount of discount affiliates can give?

@Lucy_Becker do you know as you have access to the system?

I’ve had the same problem with the Udemy affiliate… Three years have passed, but the problems are the same. I was told that the program offers competitive commission rates and exclusive access to the content as they are updated daily. In addition, I will be provided with dozens of affiliate links to use in advertising campaigns, not to mention the hundreds of professional banners. Sounds good, no doubt. But in fact, I didn’t get much profit. Any of the top-rated affiliate programs can offer better conditions not in theory but in practice.

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