U.S. Space Force Game

I did the tutorial for space shooter but wanted more of a sense of space battles and dog-fighting
looking for feedback thanks.


Seems fun!
I think you could make some changes to the GUI it doesn’t look too good in my opinion. Also something I learned is that you should always give feedback to the player, so for example when you get hit the screen could shake a bit, but what is more important is that there could be some VFX when you hit an enemy. Also I believe as it seems like, it is really hard to hit enemies you should reduce their health and it’s more obvious that you hit them if you destroy the bullet on contact. The background seems awesome, love how it scrolls a lot! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks for input the opinions i get will help a great deal i appreciate the information.

my game is on the google play store for android phones.

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