Two lasers to shoot out of sync

Hi i am trying the turn on and of emission on the lasers and that works fine, but i would like my lasers to shot one at a time and not at the same time, i tried setting one of the lasers delay time to 0.25 that works fine if i hold the shoot button at the beginning of the game if i wait one second to shoot they boot shoot at the same time, any suggestions to fix this?

Regards Patrik


Where and how did you set the delay time?

I set it in the gameobjects inspector under particle system component

The problem is that it delays the start but the frequence remains the same. Maybe you could also toy around with the values in the Emission Module. What values did you set for the two particle systems?

One laser has 0.25 as start delay the other 0.
The settings under emission module is the same for both lasers, i will try using emission module to get the particles to shoot one at a time thank you.

Seems like i cant get it to work, what i am trying to do is make each laser shoot once each second and to make them shoot one at at time, i noticed that if i have a rate over time under emission at value 1 the the laser shoots the first shoot one second after i pressed space, is there a way to make it shoot immediately after i pressed the butt on and then it waits one second before it shoots again?


Try to enable “Prewarm” in the Main Module.