Two issues

so I have two problems with my animation.
First in the moment when on the pins keyframe is activating, all pins dropping a bit down - they are on correct high, I did try to set them lower but with the same effect.
Another problem: when all affected pins are fall, some which should stay unaffected start falling down.
Can anyone see where is the problem ? (1)

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There is always a gap between an active (pin) and a passive object (the floor).
But the margin depends on some property I believe?

  • Check the scale and dimensions of your objects. Scale is 1 and pin about 30cm height? If your scale and object size, then the allowed margin can be too narrow.
  • Check the location of the pin gravity point. It’s your orange dot, the center of the object.
  • Check the pin base. Like an egg, it’s difficult to balance an egg. It’s also true for Blender objects

Let us know if this helps.

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So scale is 1 and pin is about 38cm.
I played with gravity point (a lot of fun :slight_smile: ), but when I set it to low, then indeed, pins didn’t fall, but the ones contacted with ball behaved like Roly-poly toy :slight_smile: moving origin to high do not help at all. Looks like there would be no balance between “Roly-poly” and not falling.
Bases are flat.

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I found under the Sensitivity menu in Physic Properties option “Collision Margin”. After activating it and set Margin to 0, both problems are solved. :muscle:


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