Twilight Void - My obstacle Assault Implementation with additional polish

I have tried to add some polish to the level I created for this section’s project. I have added a respawning mechanic. To make this work I added a cube to the level that covers the bottom of the play space. This was assigned as a trigger in the collisions and the visibility was disabled.

I converted it to a blueprint and made it so that when the player enters the area its location is set to the initial location at the start of the level. I had originally reset the level but this caused the background music to start again which is the case of multiple quick deaths got annoying quick.

I added some introductory and winner flavour text which is a UI widget that is displayed by a custom player controller. The controller is built in C++ and then there is a blueprint of it in the level.

It primarily has functions for displaying and removing each of this UI elements.

The level was built using the assets from the intro pack and assets from the Unreal asset store. I finished the project with a house and some treasure for the player to get at the end.

The end trigger is approaching a book that is flashing. The flashing effect is a point light that is using a linier interpolation (lerp) function to move smoothly between two light intensity values.

I think that it all worked out quite well. I would love to hear what the community thinks of my project and would be happy to provide more information about any elements that people are interested in.



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Sweet game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks mate.