Tween hazard animation not working


The tween hazard animation is not working. The rest of the game is complete. I am using Godot 4.1.2. Looks like the instructor is 4.1.1.

is the hazard just not moving at all?

one think that i can think off to check.

first one, ensure that you have a different destination in the inspector other than 0,0,0 or it wont show as moving at all and will stay in the same position.

think its not much as theres no errors that i can see showing.

That is correct. The hazard is not moving at all.

Is there a value in the inspector for the new destination and time like in the screenshot?

If I understand your question correctly, yes. I currently have exactly what is shown in the screenshot above.

cool, think i seen something.

as we are using the tween on a property,
can you change what you have on lines 11 and 12,
try changing to this

if you can test that to see if that works.
if you get any errors can you show them here as well please.

OMG! apparently, I cannot spell. It works!!!

Thank you!

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Heh , nice one, glad it got it working.

I didn’t see that initially as it wasn’t showing an error

Ah, I see.

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