Tweak to the Camera Movement

OK first off, I am loving the courses. One thing that did bother me is how jerky the camera movements were, just moving the mouse didn’t feel natural to me. I noticed someone else was talking about adding in a second binding to make it more fluid. SO, (maybe it was not available on older versions of Unity–but in 2021.3.27f1 the fix is in)

in your action map create a binding with 1 modifier.

Once this is set up you can activate your OnLookEvent just like normal

    public void OnLook(InputAction.CallbackContext context)
        if (!context.performed) { return; }

With this particular setup it will prevent the camera from moving around UNLESS you are holding down the R.M.B., giving a more natural feel for todays RPGS.

hope this helps someone out in the future.

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