TV Head Walk Cycle


Aw yeah, that’s the stuff. I probably should’ve made his body chubbier instead to give him the chibi look, but I’m happy with this. I love working in this style so much!


love it i am on this section now cant wait, good job :smiley:

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The animation is incredibly smooth, the lighting and shadow also looks nice, great job!

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Thanks! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done. :slight_smile: It’s a really fun section.

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Thanks! I actually found that it was easier to get a good result by just using the reference as a reference in the background and then trying to match the animation from side view. I get that the course was trying to show alternate ways of doing things, but to me it was just so much easier to do it with it right behind the model.

I still made my own tweaks to it like the head bob and stuff, but I just found this way to be simpler.


Ah I see, very smart of you to think of that this way.

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Great walking and spin animation.

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