Tutorials to make doors and a glowing path for your Navmesh in the RPG Course

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would share this as a few people on the discord like it for the RPG course. I made some extra mechanics in my RPG when doing the course and then made some youtube tutorials on it.

The first series is an older one I made but it shows how to use a Line Renderer to make a path for where your NavMeshAgent will walk when you click to move your player. There are 5 videos in the series but if you are following along with the RPG Course then the first few videos just show how to make a simple click to move system that you will already have in place.

The playlist can be viewed here

Display Glowing Navmesh Tutorial Series

The next series is a new on that I am still working on but it shows how to create doors that the player will path through when you click to move but once he reaches the door and hits its trigger collider he will move off to the side and wait for the door to open using its animation and then proceed through to his original destination. For the RPG course this could work for things like Drawbridges, gates, doors, etc.

I hope to make a few more videos in this series yet and make a lock/unlock mechanic on the doors as well.

Here is the playlist for this series

Navmesh Door System in Unity

Hope they help some of you out or inspire you to make new mechanics of your own to add to the RPG.

If you have any feedback on how I could improve the mechanics or videos in the future I am always interested in hearing feedback.

Happy Game Dev’ing!

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