Tutorial Flythrough Preview. (Star Boy and The Captain of Outer Space)

This started as argon assault 3 months ago just to get a break from making my Progress Map Wizard.
and after making endless lists of proposed compnents features and ideas with expanding the object pooling. I kinda fell into a 3 month trance and made this!


Congrats @Not_Unlike_Games. This looks great! I see you’ve added a ton of extra features to the core tutorial. I did a similar thing with my Argon assault showcase and spent 4weeks trying to make a complete game slice.

How did you find the experience of challenging yourself to build something on your own?

It’s great! I had never really thought about what went into an on rails shooter until I started this course.
This isn’t my first project, but it did 100% inspire me to pursue making a full game in this style!

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@Not_Unlike_Games Very nice.


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