Turn based multiplayer game in unity

function similar to words with friends, draw with friends, chess. The ability to challenge, play, and notify an online opponent of their turn. would like an example game with script in c# for unity.


Yes. It will be very interesting. Vote.
Step-by-step multiplayer course with 2D simple game like “tic-tac-toe” or “Rock, Paper, Scissors” or Draughts/Checkers will be very interesting from my point fo view.
Also it will be good to see sections like:

  • Global leaderboards (may be with Facebook integration?)
  • Base anti-cheat for turn bases games
  • Gamesparks integration (or similar service)
  • Achivements implementation and their & player profile cloud save
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I’ve begun taking a back-end web development course just to learn the basics or hosting my own online web game. Tic Tac Toe was going to be my first experiment.

Yeah simple turn based like chess, but I would also like to see the breakdown of battle systems like Pokemon or old school Final Fantasy games explained.

There’s another suggestion for board games. You guys should get together and join forces.

It will be useful if you give a link on it.

but that’s more work on my part…

(Unity card builder or Board Game tutorial) :wink:

I’ve been working a LAN multiplayer board game for months, now. It works with 2 players, but I can’t get it to switch player turns above that and the UI is messed up showing a copy of one of the remote clients for the 2nd and 3rd players. I can’t find anything about a networked turn-based game except for tic-tac-toe.


can you share the link for tic tac toe ??

plz tell me the link

I fave finally got it to work correctly. :slight_smile: I basically had to put the UI on the Player to get it to work.

I used this tutorial to make a basic game and made changes based on it for what i need.

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