Tuning with 2 Paddles and 2 Balls

Hey, I tried a lot of things and wanted to make a split paddle with 2 cars where the ball can fall through the middle. In the end, a got a playable version but since I’m a total beginner in C# and Unity I ran into different difficulties.

When I created the double paddle I had to span the polygon collider in a way that the first ball can fall through. But then it bounces back and hits the loose collider that finishes the game after 2 hits.

I tried many different things with new code like destroying the incoming ball when it hits the loose collider or a collider placed below. I also tried that the ball sticks to this collider instead of being destroyed. The last thing I tried was to disable the ball when it went out of the camera view. But none of those things worked - most probably because I made mistakes in the code… :wink:

The final solution is now using a “bug”. I placed a “speed collider” with a surface effector below the loose collider that speeds up the ball enormously so that the polygon collider of the 2 cars doesn’t recognize the hit.

Definitely not a great solution but I learned a lot. :slight_smile:
If somebody knows how I can influence (e.g. destroy or disable) the INCOMING gameObject (the ball), I would be happy to learn that.

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