Tuning/Reuseability Question

I’m wondering if there’s a method to centralize tuning for a game while still keeping the code reusable. What I would like to do is have the standard serialized fields for tuning on game objects, but have some optional way to query for a value that’s set in a central place.

So for example, I have an enemy and I want to change his movement speed. There’s a movementSpeed set on the enemy. I want to be able to add a method that tests if say, a Tuning class exists in the project, or something similar to this. I think trying to test for a class that doesn’t exist will cause an error, so would it be okay to do this in a try/catch block? Or is there a more clever way to do this using the event system somehow?

Hi Zafaron,

That sounds indeed like a job for an event system. You have to look for the/a Tuning instance in the enemy script. If there is one, subscribe to the event in the Tuning instance.

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