Trying to motivate myself

Just saying hi to my fellows. I am very poor with motivation thanks to my often debilitating major depression, something that has caused a great deal of stress in my life. I am trying to learn to be happy and follow my “dreams”, and I am trying to view this as a first step in the process. I genuinely want to be a level designer and learn some c#.

Either way, hello all and I look forward to our convos.

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Nice to meet you Duninn, I’m also new and can understand what you mean about the debilitation. I find that it’s important to check in with others, friends or whoever, that are interested to hear about how progress is going - they can often be encouraging and affirming with the study process. I’m expecting to hit rough patches with my own learning, but knowing there’s a resource of people I can talk to and share about my progress I think will be good.
Keep it up - keep going. I think you’re in the right place. And best wishes!
-Kid A


Never give up!! We are all here rooting for you! Don’t let you me dreams slip past you. Get after it!