Trying to motivate myself

Just saying hi to my fellows. I am very poor with motivation thanks to my often debilitating major depression, something that has caused a great deal of stress in my life. I am trying to learn to be happy and follow my “dreams”, and I am trying to view this as a first step in the process. I genuinely want to be a level designer and learn some c#.

Either way, hello all and I look forward to our convos.

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Nice to meet you Duninn, I’m also new and can understand what you mean about the debilitation. I find that it’s important to check in with others, friends or whoever, that are interested to hear about how progress is going - they can often be encouraging and affirming with the study process. I’m expecting to hit rough patches with my own learning, but knowing there’s a resource of people I can talk to and share about my progress I think will be good.
Keep it up - keep going. I think you’re in the right place. And best wishes!
-Kid A


Never give up!! We are all here rooting for you! Don’t let you me dreams slip past you. Get after it!

Motivation is the foundation of our life and the moment when you lose it is a depression. I was faced with this a long time ago and at first I just had to look for something that could inspire me to take action. I even started buying bulk kratom not only for myself, but also for others, thus not only fighting depression, but also creating my own business. Kratom is now popular and it turns out that it was he who became my motivation. Now I am calm, I am a small businessman and everything is fine. Look for motivation in everything, friend