Trying to model the Savoia S.21 from Porco Rosso


For the challenge of modeling a plane in Section 2 Lecture 27 I decided to try to model the plane from Hayao Miyazaki’s movie “Porco Rosso” (Studio Ghibli, 1992):

It is a really hard plane to model given its streamlined design (which is still for me the most beautiful concept of a plane ever done). But anyway, one must learn their own limitations and push them, so here it is the model (took two hours to do! :tired_face: ):

And although my Photoshops skills are at the same or lower level than my modelling, here I am trying to see the plane “flying” in the beautiful Adriatic Sea (background image taken from “Porco Rosso” movie, Studio Ghibli, 1992):

Here the model:

Savoia.blend (646.1 KB)


That looks great

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