Trying to make a toy ^^ (Update)

I wanted to make a teddy bear , first attempt was just a no but this second one i’m pretty proud of it. I didn’t want to move on to section 3 unless i made something on my own with the things i learned from section 1 and 2. :slight_smile:

Making progress ^^ I decided to get a bit back to my teddy and try again. I quite like how it turned out though it’s not finished.


Nice one, how did you get the colours on your bear?

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Thanks :slight_smile: ,i got the colors on the bear from the materials, at first i made it all brown, and then i went into edit mode and made a new material, selected the faces i wanted that new color on and clicked assign, it’s pretty simple. If i didn’t explain properly you can tell me and i’ll try to explain it again

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