Trying to buy the new blender rigging and animation "error occured"

Every time i try to purchase this course, it simply says an error occurred, it doesn’t seem to matter what method of payment, or card type, i cant proceed to purchase the course.

I would like to buy this one. could an admin pm me please to let me know why its refusing me.

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i am still experiencing the issue.

I have ended up getting lucky and retried and apparently it is working again and i now have this course.

I would like to note for any future issues what i experienced.

  • I tried to purchase with one of my cards, it refused
  • i tried using paypal. It refused,
    I repeated this action each time.

2 days went past i tried again, still same issue except it was saying card declined. how ever i checked the balance, regardless of the fact i knew i had no problems, and there was no issue.
then i went back into the bank and they had blocked the transaction to protect me. so i asked them to unblock it, they did how ever that was not the end of the issue.

I tried again, still presented me with the problem.
I went into paypal, relinked my card. and attempted to pay for it again, and it worked.
no idea why it was presenting that problem, but it was, i tried today to buy a random course and unless i buy with paypal, its not going to work. probably something to look into. in the meantime ive removed all my details from the account here due to the nature of data theft as this issue is now public, My bank would of had to have a reason they blocked it, might be worth investigating that as well because your a legitimate business i see no reason it should be getting black listed


Hi Maize,

I’m the support leader at so this doesnt fall into my level of access but i have asked the team who responds to the contact us form to take a look at this thread and see if they have any suggestions.

It may be down to your location and they way things are done in your country or the bank operates but any more than that would be pure guess work on my part.

I will keep you updated on any information i get back or maybe one of the team will reply instead of myself.

I just wanted to post to let you know we are looking into it.

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