Trying to apply mesh datablocks to my own model and failing


I am working on my own model while doing this lecture and trying to apply the lessons as I go. My model Land Rover has 5 wheels (four road wheels and a spare) and I am planning to add more detail to them in the future. I felt that it would be really nice to be able to work on all five at the same time by assigning them all the same mesh. I have now assigned the same mesh to all 5 wheels but if I go to edit one the others are not editing with it.

Can anyone think of a reason for this? I have attached a screenshot in case that helps.


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Hi Dan_Marfleet,

Can you grab a screenshot what happens if you press tab when you have one of the wheels selected? So that you are in edit mode?

And could you select one of the linked wheels from the hierarchy and then show what it says in the object data tab in the properties window?

If it’s done correctly you should be able to select the “original” wheel and switch to edit mode and by moving any vertex all the wheels should be edited if they really share the same mesh data, so there must be something wrong with the setup.

Cheers, Jax


I just tried mucking about with this to do a more informative screenshot and I have realised what is going on.

In actual fact the linked mesh data blocks are working pretty much exactly as they should. The only slightly weird thing is that, in my model the changes only apply when I go from Edit Mode back to Object Mode, whereas in the model that I am making following the lecture they are changing in real time in Edit Mode. When I change one mesh they all change it’s just not instant. When I was trying it yesterday I was moving something on the wheel, nothing was happening to the other wheels so I was undoing my change and checking everything. I did not switch modes with the change applied.

I guess that this is something to do with the complexity of the mesh … or something, but it works now.

Thanks for the reply - if I hadn’t been trying to get a screenshot of what happens I wouldn’t have noticed this.



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