Trying to Add username to terminal

im trying to ask for username on this course and store it for later purposes, anyone any idea how i could go about doing that would i need, to create a new script, I know alot of stuff is written in the terminal scripts already and this handles most of the things in the topic, would i need to create a extra function, some guidence would be nice

thanks in advanced

You would have to carry a variable set on something else, like the player.

could you define, this or give me an example please?

Keeping in mind that I’m not an expert at this, I think the best option is to create a function for gathering the name (ie GetUserName() ) and store it in a member variable. by doing this you can then set the game to launch after the name has been input.

Nope i suck, i know it should be basic but i cant honestly grasp it :frowning:

i Mean i got a life system working and auto return to main menu, after certain time and i cant work this one out , Please Help


If you are in the Terminal Hacker project, you could create a new variable of type string at the top of your class, e.g. username. In OnUserInput, you can assign the input to username. This is the first step. Did you accomplish that?

If so, you can create a new “state” like the password “state” when you check the password. Instead of the password, you would save the username.

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