Trying out the new game hosting site

Here is my game Laser Defender updated to Unity 5. I also did some play-tuning.


6,235! (on my second go)…

Nice work @Jared_Kellen, I like the intro to the game, the vertical scrolling title and the space ship whizzing about…

The pace of the game is pretty fast, I got blasted quite quickly on my first game… I like what you have done with the enemy ships when they get hit, that’s the first time I’ve seen that done on student’s version of Laser Defender.

The music works well, especially considering the game speed.

If I had any niggles with the game it would be a) the speed, just seems a bit hard core for the first level - but then I am old! b) the score in the game space which obscures enemy shots etc

Really like it though and am now going back for another game :slight_smile:


11,890 :slight_smile: I would have got a bit higher but I was trying to work out why there was smoke around my ship, think it was at the start of the a new wave so wasn’t sure if it was a shield… deliberately flying into enemy fire proved otherwise :smiley:

Oh, and I really like the font too.

Ditto what rob has said. Great music. I want music like this :grinning:

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