Trying dyntopo modeling from icosphere

Part of the course was trying dyntopo modeling from icosphere. Here’s my poor little blind sphynx cat. I promised to myself I’m gonna finnish her some other time, as I have to rush a bit with the course.

Oh yeah and I really don’t know where to stop when it comes down to details and increasing the number of vertices :sweat_smile: I hope the course will help me with optimising this problem :grinning:


So far the details are looking good. When do you plan on finishing the Sphinx cat?

Looks very good.
Vert count is all all down to what your computer can handle. Standard advice is do not get into too fine details too soon on one part. keep the whole subject at a lower level and move it all up a bit at the same time.

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I don’t have much time (usually only after lunch, when my daughter is asleep), so I’m hoping to finish it after the Blender character creator 2.0. My guess is February, as I’m going to the mountains next week and my notebook won’t be able to process high poly.
I will remember to post finnished one, after I’m done :slightly_smiling_face:

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