Try this (Almost) Relaxing Rocket Lander demo!

Try this (Almost) Relaxing Rocker Lander



Boost - Space or Up Arrow Key
Rotate Left - A or Left Arrow Key
Rotate Right - D or Right Arrow Key


Reach the landing pad without crashing into obstacles.
Tip: Burst Fire the Space Bar

Feedback Please

Would you like more levels?
How do you feel about a goal of collecting coins each level?

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Looks like a lot of fun! Lol, “almost relaxing”.
Collecting coins each level sounds like a wonderful extra challenge.

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Hey, that actually was “almost relaxing”! :wink:

I really liked the whole visual style: the shiny rocket, the water and reflections, the background objects. That and the music gave a good sense of exploring ancient alien ruins. The controls are excellent, just the right level of responsiveness for me. And thank you for not throwing us back to the very beginning when we die.

I would like to see more levels and item collection would be a great addition.

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