Try my Project Boost (6 levels)

Try here…


Space = boost
A = rotate left
D = rotate right


Fly to landing pad without hitting anything

Which level is the hardest?


lol I can’t even get past the 3rd
Its really good though :smile:

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Ahh :sweat_smile: Maybe it’s too hard… I had to play a lot too before completing it
Thanks for the feedback!

After several attempts I made it to level 5 a couple times. I enjoyed it, and although each death initially made me want to retry and get through the level, having to start over from the beginning got tiring after a while.

I quickly found out you could just smash the rocket into the landing pad any old how and it would accept it; on level 2 I was just angling the rocket at the landing pad and flying at it full pelt. To add some more difficulty you could make it so the legs of the rocket have to land on the pad, maybe even wait once you’ve landed a second or so to ensure it’s stable.

I think level 4 was the hardest as it’s the one I failed on the most.

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I finished your game!

It was nice little game. I found the difficulty fair, it’s nor super hard nor super easy, it’s fine as it is. Just change your levels’ order, make level 4 the last one since it’s the hardest by far.

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You’re right about the landing pad situation :sweat_smile: I had added an obstacle under the pad on the last levels for that same reason but the player can still technically die after passing the level so waiting to make sure it’s stable is a really good idea. Thank you!

Yay! Yeah, I’ll definitely be making that level change. Thank you for the feedback!