Troubles with SourceTree and new versions Solution

I am a complete newbie to this stuff and struggled for several days trying to set up the SourceTree/GitHub/Unreal connectivity. The more I studied the more I realized that I was lost and not getting it right. I made several false tries and some didn’t want to move so many files.
Finally I went to YouTube and searched for Unreal/GitHub tutorials and found one that worked. Basically in the new Unreal engine there is a source link at the top that you can click on to activate a GitHub repository from the game itself. Once you have that repository you can connect to SourceTree and it will track changes.

I’m not dumb but I struggled for over four days with this issue so I thought others might be struggling as well. Hope this helps! I love this course and am having lots of fun and lots of challenges.

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Here is the link to the video I watchedConnecting to Unreal Engine


I watched this video too, it helped me to link a project to github. If you follow along will it cause problems in the course if you use Github Desktop instead of SourceTree?

Thank you so much for providing that link! It really helps a lot!

I really think Ben/Sam ought to update the video to use Github desktop instead of SourceTree. When Ben first designed the course I’m sure SourceTree was a LOT easier to use and setup (in fact it was, as evidenced by Ben in that video), but now I think I like Lenny’s system a lot better. It’s more direct, allows for everything to be backed up, and overall just seems like a better system.

I’m going to be using Github Desktop over SourceTree for the rest of the course. If I encounter problems I will let everyone know, but the only problems I think that could happen are that my repo is going to be much larger, so if anything does happen and I have to pull a previous commit, it might take a bit longer.

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