Trouble with cockpit and arm

Hello everyone ;D I have 2 problems with my cockpit mech and arm. I wanted to do my own thing but something broke. I’m guessing I have too many verticles that’s why there are problems with extrude and subdivide. As for the arm. Just bad rotation? Do you have any advice for a beginner boletus? :wink:


Start with the extra geometry and dissolve or delete what looks out of place. It is very hard to work out from the images. But you could look to delete those extra edges. then rebuild any faces.


Some tips.

Do not bother at this starter project about low poly and fewer vertices, edges, faces as possible.
The reason for the teacher is simplicity. Fewer vertices is easier to handle and to explain using many Blender options.

Try to use edge loops. The end result is many faces with only four vertices. More details
These QUAD faces are very handy in creating more edge loops (more details) and still having quad faces.

We see in your mesh model a lot of faces with 3, 5 or more vertices. Which makes modeling more difficult.

Divide you model in multiple objects. Like the tube on top. To make it work, you create and need to maintain also mesh data of the cockpit.
It is better to build the tube in a new object. Leaving the cockpit clean and using a tube shape in a different object.

The mirror frontal can be just one face (Elipse). Now it has many faces. You could clean it.