Trouble with Black Board wait node

when my wait node is done, it doesn’t move onto the next task, i don’t know what causes this problem, but, he repeats the wait task, over and over, is there anything i am missing? i can send the code if that helps at all

Is this related to the Simple Shooter part of the UE C++ course?
Anyway, the tree works Left to Right and if it is stuck on the wait then it is failing to meet the exit condition it won’t fall back. towards the left-most nodes.
So, it is either an issue with the Behaviour Tree Task or the logic within the Has Investigated/Can See Player nodes.

For this, and I do remember having issues with the tree logic, is to watch through the videos a few times and be absolutely sure you’ve missed nothing in the C++ code by checking against end of lecture source. It’ll be something tiny.

our codes look identical, at least to my understanding, would you like to see what my files contain, in case there’s something wrong?

I would probably need to see the project but the issue is I am unavailable for the next 2-3 days, although I may get 10 minutes here and there. upload to - the project is big so please pay close attention to the instructions on the page as there are 3 folders that need to be deleted and also please use ZIP format. Thanks.

I will take a look as soon as I can.

the problem was with the way i had one of the nodes set up “clear black board value” was clearing the wrong Fvector

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Ah. It is always something simple.

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