Trouble baking the orc


So I’m stuck at the baking step… I did everything as planned for baking, the computer works intensively for like 1 min and then returns me this:

It doesn’t seem very normal… Any idea what causes that glitch?

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Check both models are smooth shaded. Check all normals are the right way round.
The Node you are baking too should have been selected.

That look in the second image is often down to not selecting non colour data in the image node.

Have a browse through the Ask section using search for baking related questions there are several, and any one of them may have something that works for you.

Thank you! I actually solved the thing myself after several hours - turns out you have to set the high poly orc model to enabled in render for the baking process to work. (it’s really counterintuitive to me since it won’t be needed in the final render but I guess baking is a type of rendering too).


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