Trouble At Magicpeak (Text Adventure Game)

Hey, went a “Little” overboard with the whole text adventure game thing. Got me extremely excited to learn new things and I kept wondering how do I add more and more things into it. Ended up making a pretty big game with 6 different endings. None of the art that’s used is mine, edited/borrowed off of the internet. However I did give credit.
It’s a short cute game and I hope if anyone gets to play it, you can also leave some feedback as to how I can do better next time. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Note: Also got the resolution off a bit. Couldn’t manage to create a second build in Unity since WebGL wouldn’t let me without reinstalling it :confused:

I don’t have much advice on making it better. It’s really well done, I liked the avatar and the way you made this game uniquely your own style instead of the basic format from the lesson.

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