Triple X program pic

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Great Job!

Here is my progress so far in the Triple X game, I made it based on the actual COVID-19 crisis :wink:


Great! Looks cool.

I made mine about a superhero called BatNam who is being terrorised by the Diddler… It’s deffo not inspired by the great Batman :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh my gosh, that is so cool!

Here is mine so far :slight_smile:

I am going for a space theme


Nice, @Jack_Cole ! I wanted to give you an easy tip on screenshots. If you hold the “alt” key when you screen shot something, it will only capture the active window (like visual studio) and won’t include things like your toolbar or secondary monitors. Hope this is helpful!

Thank you!

Yours looks awesome as well!


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A little fantasy flavor

Future Sci-Fi game

The current state of my TripleX game “The first day”:

My progress so far…

Here is my progress so far.
I am going with Assassin’s Creed theme. :smiley:

My code so far:

Here is my TripleX game so far. Definitely enjoying learning C++ from the ground up!

This is mine so far

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