Triple X Game - Magic Class

This topic will be used to showcase my progress through the Triple X Game.

Before I get started building the game, I wanted to share my Story for it.

You are a student wizard, learning how to produce spells. You must get the right combination of magical number properties correct to achieve success with the spell. Upon success you will have the spell described, upon fail you will have the spell backfire creating some form of a disaster.

Game is finished! You can see my progress updates below, or play the game in its final state on my portfolio.

Spellbinding 101

Here is the intro to my game, running in the main() currently. I am going to move this into its own function to clean up the code since the intro message is a bit lengthy.

This post is in response to Lesson 20. Statements & Comments.

Preprocessor Directive:
Tells the compiler to do something before compiling the code.

Main Function:
This is the starting point of a C++ file. When running the exe this function will be sought out and called.

Expression Statements:
These are the statements that do things, such as sending a command to the console or setting a variable.

Declaration Statements:
Statements that create new variables.

Return Statements:
A statement that returns a value out of the function it is in. In regards to the Main function, returning 0 means the program ran successfully, any other return value means there was an issue in the programming.

Commenting my code.

Lets determine how to create the first spell:

My If statement, and messages.

The new intro to the game.

Game is complete. There are 5 spells to master - but I seem to not be able to master fire… I keep burning myself.

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